Who are the classes for?

Way of the Saber classes are open to everyone, though we do have some rules regarding attendance. Especially since classes are free (yes, totally free, no catches).

There can be no exceptions to any of the rules below

  • They aren’t arbitrary; every rule is here for a very good reason.
  • Please don’t risk offense by asking us to change, or bend, any of them for you.

You must book a place at every class beforehand in order to attend

  • This is due to limited space and equipment.
  • If you don’t have a confirmed booking, please don’t attend.
  • If you book a class and don’t show up, you’ll be prohibited from attending for the next two weeks, even if there’s space.
  • If you repeatedly book and fail to attend, you’ll be permanently barred from attending Way of the Saber classes.

Under 18s must be accompanied by a participating adult

  • That means you both have to get booked on to the class individually.
  • You both have to take part in the class, beginning to end.
  • The adult is responsible for the under 18 at all times, and must ensure they adhere to all class rules and etiquette.
  • Every attendee under 18-years-old must be accompanied by their own responsible adult. So two under 18s means two participating adults are required (and in total they’d need four bookings to attend).
  • This is due to the sections of the class focusing on partner work.

You’re expected to show the same dedication and respect for the art and its practitioners as you would at any other class, martial arts especially.

  • These classes are intended to be fun, but also safe. We’re swinging lengths of hard plastic and metal around. You’re expected to treat the lightsabers, and the people holding them, as if they’re real weapons.
  • Any failure to listen to your tutor and peers, boisterous behaviour or ignoring the rules of the class, and those stated here, and you must leave the class immediately.
  • If the above is true of an under 18 who is under your supervision, you must both leave.

  • What, Where and How Much?
    Classes are in Huddersfield, UK, at [LOCATION] on [TIME & DATE]. Attendance is entirely free, for everyone. We are open to donations, but read this before you choose to send anything.
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