Is this a martial arts class?

As a lifelong martial artist, I’m going to say no, this isn’t a martial art. This is for fun. Serious fun, but fun nonetheless.

It’s where you can meet other Star Wars obsessives, have fun with Lightsabers, and imagine was life was like in the Jedi temple a long time ago.

That being said, the classes are structured, they focus on technique, there’s progression, forms, style, sparring (with swords only) and an expectation that you work hard, remain diligent, and show respect to the art and its practitioners. Just like martial arts classes.

Neither is this LudoSport. I have the utmost respect for LudoSport and the people who practice it. It’s excellent, and worth anyone’s time. But this isn’t a competitive class, and we don’t train according to Ludosport’s (or any other lightsaber based sport’s) principles.

In short, you’d be better thinking of the class as being choreography rather than kung fu.

  • What, Where and How Much?
    Classes are in Huddersfield, UK, at [LOCATION] on [TIME & DATE]. Attendance is entirely free, for everyone. We are open to donations, but read this before you choose to send anything.
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