What, where and how much?

Way of the Saber classes are free

We’re not doing this for the money. We’re doing it because we love Star Wars.

Donations are welcome

You can donate to the class if you wish, however. This can be for any amount. All donations will be put back into the club, allowing us to buy more equipment, pay costs (room hire, insurance, web fees etc).

Donations can only be made after attending a class, and must be made online (here). So please don’t bring any cash to classes. If you can’t afford, that’s completely fine. All donations are 100% anonymous, so you’re free to give whatever you can, and whatever you feel the class is worth.

We want to stress that donations are NOT a requirement! We’d rather you attend and work hard and enjoy yourself than pay something you can’t afford.

Donations aren’t connected to class rules

Making a donation won’t get you a booking on a class that’s already full. Classes are first come first served, and attendance isn’t linked in any way to donations.

Nor will donations allow anyone to get around the class rules. If you’ve been barred for non-attendance, for example, making a donation won’t change when you can next attend a class.

  • What, Where and How Much?
    Classes are in Huddersfield, UK, at [LOCATION] on [TIME & DATE]. Attendance is entirely free, for everyone. We are open to donations, but read this before you choose to send anything.
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